At MorningStar we invite children to master new skills at their own pace to promote a positive self identity, personal independence, and emotional sense of well being in a warm, loving home like environment.

It is our goal to support children in realizing their highest potential by striving to educate and nurture the whole child -- the physical, the social, the emotional, the creative, the intellectual, and the intuitional self.

We feel it is important to nurture kind and loving feelings as the child's emotional sensitivity develops in acts of simple service from tending the plants and animals to keeping the classroom clean and helping each other physically and emotionally - children learn the highest joy is to care for one another in the spirit of kindness and sharing. Our focus is not only on intellectual education, but also the education of the heart.

Unlike traditional education that only directs the child's attention outward, children are taught to know themselves. All activities are designed to expand the child's sense of oneness and sympathy with all life. Through the study and exploration of nature, they learn to appreciate the many lessons and diversity of life.

At MorningStar we utilize an integrated curriculum approach. Each academic lesson is coordinated with a diverse variety of artistic activities. Students are encouraged to think, reason, question and discover as well as appreciate opportunities for creative expression. To more greatly enhance intuitional advancement, simple meditations, and yoga are practiced daily.