Our Program

We are a nature-based preschool specializing in yoga education. Children are welcomed as valued contributing members of our school community. They have an integral role in determining how the day unfolds, participating and guiding our activities throughout each day. Learning centers are introduced in coordination with their special interests. Compassion and fun is the base from which we radiate.


Emphasis is placed on:

  • The importance of play based learning
  • Nurturing empathy and moral proficiency
  • Enhancing social relationships
  • Nourishing mental growth in the areas of creative arts, music, movement, drama, language, writing, speaking, math, science
  • Maintaining emotional health through reducing frustration, processing emotions dealing with fear, mutual respect, emotional safety
  • Facilitating physical wellbeing
  • Promoting skills required for Kindergarten entrance
  • Fostering universal spiritual development

Daily Overview

Upon arrival children are encouraged to participate in activities from a variety of interest centers which may include: Rods, blocks, magnets, playdough, puppets, geoboards, manipulatives, drawing, puzzles, art, drama, pre-reading, cutting & pasting, science/math activities, dress ups, sewing, leggos, marbleworks, transportation play, etc.

The Morning Activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Breakfast snack
  • Songs and fingerplays
  • Thematic and personal discussions
  • Academic activities
  • Weather and seasonal observations
  • Yoga, dancing and movement activities
  • Art and games
  • Quiet time
  • Outdoor play time
  • Reading, roleplaying and drama

Children bring their own lunches and in the afternoon there is nap time, more outdoor time, afternoon snack, and interactive play activities.

Morning Star Preschool